Hydrophobia PS3 Review

By on November 10, 2011

“Dive into unknown waters”

Good: Clearly the best looking version, developer feedback system is unique feature
Bad: Control system could still be a bit better, occasional camera clips when aiming close-range
Price: AED
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First Impressions
My reaction is

It feels a bit weird writing a review for Hydrophobia Prophecy, simply because I’ve already played the game on the PC a while back. And though the game ran quite well on my more than capable PC, I was still interested to see how the game would run on the powerhouse known as the Playstation 3.

The story still revolves around a global population meltdown and a gigantic ship known as The Queen of the World. You play as Kate, an on-board engineer who must save herself when the ship comes under attack from a warring faction that believe that genocide is the only solution to the overpopulation problems. Armed only with her wits and a simple gun, Kate must navigate the bowels of the ship to escape and also deal with intruders at the same time – all part of her job description I’m sure.

As in the PC version, the crucial element to the game is the water that encompasses the various parts of the ship. And while it’s normally unusually to get excited over something as simple as water, in Hydrophobia it takes on a life of its own. After only a few minutes into the game, it’s safe to say that the PS3 version of the game looks incredible when the water effects come into play. As you wade through the levels or break into a full-on swim, you’ll notice how the water reacts to your every movement, and can either help or hinder your progress. For example, there was one section of a level where after progressing through a maze of winding corridors I opened a sealed door and was greeted by a tidal wave of water that merrily swept me back halfway down the corridor. The water of course can be used to your advantage – an explosive canister bobbling towards an enemy becomes an instant environmental kill, while the resulting fiery slick floats towards another unexpected minion. Or for an attack with more sparks, shoot overhead cables so they land in the water and electrocute those in your way – the possibilities are endless and often quite imaginative. It’s clear that the game’s engine is working overtime on the PS3 – every ripple and wave looks incredibly realistic, and you’re often tempted to just stand around and watch the water bobbing gently around you.

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