SteelSeries Sensei Pro Gaming Mouse Review

By on November 9, 2011

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The SteelSeries Sensei Pro Grade Laser mouse comes from a long heritage of high-end, precision mice which are used by professional gamers around the world. Today I’ll be looking at this flagship product which adds a host of new features and customization options and comes packed to the brim with the latest in mice technology.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Sensei is the shiny silver back, with a hint of metallic coffee under certain light conditions. The second thing you’ll notice is that the Sensei looks pretty much the exact same as the XAI. So what the Sensei represents is a natural upgrade for users of the XAI mouse. What that also means is that Southpaws now have access to one of the most powerful gaming mice in the market, and don’t have to settle for “second best” as is often the case with other mice manufacturers.

The Sensei also marks SteelSeries’ entrance into the world of fully customizable lights for mice. The back logo, which looks like a gorgeous 8-bit rendition of the SteelSeries logo, can be customized with the full 16.8 million color gamut, with the mouse wheel, CPI light and back logo all capable of showing different colors. The most impressive thing about the colors is that the LEDs that SteelSeries uses is strong enough to define between some of the most obscure colors as well. It’s not just dark and light shades of a specific color, but the entire spectrum from each extreme can be easily seen on the Sensei. So I have Cyan as the logo and Teal on the Scroll wheel, both looking sublime indeed. Obviously changing the CPI button colors also helps me easily distinguish between the sensitivity settings; a very helpful feature when jumping straight into a game.

One of the things I found odd was that the Sensei doesn’t allow for weight customization. This is something that I’m completely fine with, as the weight distribution of the Sensei is nicely centered for all the 102 grams that it weighs, but I know some people mark it as a strike against this pro gaming mouse.

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