Disney Universe Review

By on November 9, 2011

“A parallel universe like no other”

Good: Features Disney classics, plenty of costumes to choose from, fun no-brainer gameplay
Bad: No drop in / drop out option, no variety in attacks, mistimed powerups
Price: AED
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I don’t know anyone who at some point in their life has watched a Disney movie. Whether it’s a classic such as Bambi or Beauty and the Beast, the more modern favorites like Cars and Monsters Inc, Disney has always been at the forefront of family entertainment. So it was with great interest that I picked up Disney Universe on the Xbox 360, and settle down for some good, clean, fun.

Disney Universe is a bit hard to explain – there’s a virtual universe where players can take part in some of Disney’s most famous franchises such as Alladin or Wall-E, and basically run around having fun. The Universe is looked after and narrated by the annoying Vic, and during the opening scene you discover that Disney Universe has been invaded by a rather nasty virus named Hex, who is turning all of the robots against the various players. So it’s up to you to suit up in your favorite Disney character and defeat Hex. Initially you have a small selection of costumes to choose from and access to only one unlocked level, but as you progress and collect gold points in each level, you will have access to new costumes and can purchase other worlds to explore. Each world has three levels in it, and each level is split up into a variety of smaller sections with a variety of puzzles and enemies to overcome. It’s a simple mechanic that will work well for any gamers who are fond of collecting items and unlockables. Your characters don’t do anything out of the ordinary except waving their weapons around, and you can double jump to do a more powerful attack. You can discover and unlock hidden treasure chests in each level to power up your costume, and this gives you access to a slightly more powerful attack.

Throughout the game Vic will occasionally appear to provide you with a power up such as an electric shield or ray gun, but unfortunately these powerups appear at the worst times, often when you’ve spent a good amount of time clearing out a particular section. Hex also appears in a similar fashion and can turn you into a boot or even a chicken for a short duration – oddly enough he appears right on cue when you’re being swarmed with enemies.

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