Top Devil May Cry players invited to test DmC

By on November 9, 2011

Ninja Theory looking for fan acceptance

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Despite Ninja Theory’s dismissive attitudes towards fan’s negative reactions to the DmC: Devil May Cry (where lead designer Tameem Antoniades said that sceptics secretly wanted to play the game) , it looks like they are now actually looking for fan acceptance.

According to Neogaf, e-mails were sent to the “top DMC Players”, mostly in the UK area to test the game. The email said “I’m part of the team currently developing the new Devil May Cry title at Ninja Theory and I wanted to get in touch to see if you’d like to come in and play the game. Essentially I’m inviting in a very select few really top end DMC players to come and play through a section of the game and talk to some of our team about your experience.”  The email also stated that travel costs will be taken care of and food will be provided.

This is not the first for Devil May Cry, as Devil May Cry 3 was developped using input from Devil May Cry’s top players.


I wonder if it is too late to change Dante’s design.


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