Rumor: Next Xbox will have ARM Processor

By on November 8, 2011

And a modified Windows 9 OS

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My reaction is

While the Xbox console still has a good two years to get released, rumors about the consoles hardware are already appearing. Blogger MS Nerd, who specializes in Microsoft news, is reporting that Microsoft has partnered with two companies to produce a processor for the next Xbox, and said processor will be based on ARM architecture. The Blog states that the console will have “a “main” processor with multiple dedicated assistive cores for graphics, AI, physics, sound, networking, encryption and sensors”.

The blog also states that the next Xbox will be lighter and cheaper than the current one, and will use a modified Windows 9(!) core as an OS

While we could easily brush off such unsubstantiated rumors, the blog does have a good track record with this sort of thing. It was the first to provide accurate information on Microsoft’s Courier tablet. Regardless, we will still take this with a grain of salt before any concrete information appears.

Thanks, Neowin.


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