Fans will “go ballistic” over Uncharted 3 DLC, promises Naughty Dog

By on November 1, 2011

“There’s a ton of DLC content that’s coming.”

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The third outing of Nathan Drake’s adventure is yet to hit stores, though, Naughty Dog decided to pick an impeccable moment and let slip that fans can look forward to “go ballistic” over a certain slice of downloadable content.

While details on Uncharted 3’s DLC are scarce, to say the least, Justin Richmond, series’ game director, teased that DLC in Drake’s Deception will be of a better kind, saying it’s destined to be “even cooler” than its predecessor’s offering.

“We have some really cool stuff for DLC this time, even way cooler than what we had for Uncharted 2… there’s one piece of content in particular that I think fans are going to go ballistic for,” Richmond told GameTrailers.

“Because we did so well with multiplayer last time, we kept saying we have to have a plan from the beginning… so we have that this time,” he added. “There’s a ton of DLC content that’s coming.”

Uncharted 3 wields US shelves as of today. Tomorrow across PAL territories.


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