Rage Review

By on October 27, 2011

*insert Fallout Comparison*

Good: Fun FPS gameplay, Gorgeous graphics, Interesting environments
Bad: Paper thin plot, Uninteresting Characters, Repetitive Vehicle Gameplay, Limited Multiplayer
Price: AED
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With Rage, id Software returns to the FPS genre, and while other companies attempted to revive the old school run and gun FPS that they pioneered, id Software decided to explore new grounds. Rage is a First person shooter masquerading as an open world game, with new modes and gameplay mechanics that are being explored by id for the first time. Regardless of what we may think of the modes and features, we can at least put our hopes in the FPS part. Surely if anyone can deliver a good FPS, then it is id Software

In Rage, you take the role of Silent Protagonist #87402834, a survivor of an Ark, a government project that aims to preserve the top human minds in cryogenic status so they could arise again and make the world all roses and rainbows again. The project goes awry (gasp), and you are the only survivor and all other Ark residents are dead. As you exit the Ark, you are attacked by bandits, but thankfully you are saved Dan Hagar, a wastelander who takes you in to his makeshift settlement, but only to send you, a mere few minutes after meeting you, back to eradicate an entire colony of the bandits who attacked you, without having the decency to buy you breakfast first.

You know that Rage isn’t too concerned with plot when the game sends you to kill an entire base of bad guys in the first ten minutes, without bothering setting up any part of the plot for you. But then again this id Software, and if there is anything they know how to do it is make shooting fun. Rage is one of the most fun run and gun shooters I have played. You carry an entire arsenal into battle, where each weapon has its own specialties and advantages of use. Weapons use does have a punch to it, whether its the devastating area damage of a shotgun or the silent piercing shot of a crossbow. Enemies vary in their tactics of attacking you; a group might cower in the corner shooting at you, while their companions would attack you with melee weapons, and once shot, they will stagger, retreat, take cover, hold injured limbs and even try to have one last shot at you before finally dying. The game is practically leaking with ammo, which you can buy at really cheap prices, so you never have to worry about running out of it.

Oh, and there are also vehicle sections. I never really understood the reason for their inclusion when I first heard about the game, and I still don’t understand why they are there. I guess its interesting to partake in vehicle race minigames in the city every now and then to take a break from the main quest, but when the same three bandit cars attack you at the same intersection using the same weapons every time you exit the city, then the vehicle sections can go to hell.

Much has been made about the how great the graphics look, and they really do. The gorgeous graphics and high level of detail make for a really interesting setting. The dirt, grime and gloom of a post apocalyptic setting is all there. Characters also display some of the most realistic animation I have ever seen in a video game.


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