Overlord II

By on September 2, 2009

You order, and you minions shall obey.


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First Impressions
My reaction is

Being evil is one thing, but having a whole evil army following you is a completely different experience. As fans of the series might recall, this game gives you the opportunity to control a bunch of minions to complete your objectives. The first game in the series was average at best and many gamers that experienced it complained about certain issues such as the save system, camera angles and overall controls. The developers certainly listened and to a certain extent managed to deliver some solutions to these problems in the sequel.


Overlord II comes with its own story and story plot for you to follow. That however is certainly not the best thing about the game. As was the deal in the first game, the main character, the lord (that would be you), is still mute and lack a real solid personality for the story to build upon. You will be fighting the Roman Empire along the game and you will face all kind of enemies from humans to monsters.

While the lord gets to run the show, the minions are the main attraction here. You will get to control 4 different types of minions, each with its own set of strengths and weaknesses. You will not start with all type of minions from the get go, but you will get introduced to them as you go along in the story. Basically, all you have to do to control your little friends is to point at the target and ask them to attack. What they do on the way to the target however is completely up in the air. Sometimes the minions will go after the target and bring it down just like how you asked. In other situations we noticed the minions got carried away collecting items around the target, which in a way is like committing suicide. That issue aside, gamers that are familiar with the series will notice a huge improvement in the AI and how the minions tend to react smarter in some situations.

The controls are a bit iffy to say the least. You actually have to control both the camera and order your minions around with one stick. That means you will be facing a numerous amount of situations in which you try to change the camera angle only for your evil little soldiers to attack or move towards a target.  We have to admit that beats having absolutely no control over the camera. But a more user friendly camera controls can surely come in handy in any future instalments in the Over Lord series. Another issue we faced playing this game is the saving process. You actually cannot save as you play along the game. Instead you have to rely on an auto save system that saves your progress after every checkpoint.


All these problems aside, the game is pretty solid and the different areas you will visit make the game pretty entertaining. Sending your minions to attack a target and watching them destroy it is more enjoyable on the screen then you might imagine.  The game even comes packed with a few different types of gameplay elements. For a few levels you will be one of the minions, destroying the world as you wish. Those levels were pretty enjoyable but sadly a bit too short. Across the game you will even come to face a few tricky situations that require your minions to change their appearance to enter certain buildings and destroy them.

The graphics in Overlord II have hugely improved compared to the first instalment in the series. You will actually be impressed by some of the environments and how well detailed they are. Despite all the action going on the screen at times the game managed to remain lag and hiccups free most of the time. Little glitches in the graphics can be found here and there, but overall the graphics is certainly a job well done.

The fact that the main character lacks any voice over might be a disappointment. What is even more disappointing is the rest of the sounds in this game. The music is decent but the problem lays in the voice acting job. Most of the lines are actually interesting but if you play the game from start to finish, get ready to hear the same lines over and over again until you wish you were deaf. Sometimes the game will play more than one line at a time resulting in a whole bunch of noise coming out of your speakers.


Overlord II is certainly not a perfect game. It has a load of problems to the deal with and a disappointing sound department that managed to spoil all the good both the gameplay elements and graphics brought to the table. The developers certainly listened to the fans and fixed many issues that ruined the first game in the series. But overall the 2nd instalment in the Overlord series still needs a whole lot of tweaks to reach the “must buy” game level.

The Scorecard
Different gameplay elements are fun, but some problems mars the whole experience.
Very good level of detail that is worth the next generation tag.
One of the worst things about this game and needs major improvements.
You will not be too motivated to play the game twice.
Little minions running around destroying everything you tell them to = Fun.
A decent effort that will need a few tweaks here and there to perfect it.


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