Minecraft XBLA version delayed into spring 2012

By on October 25, 2011

Will make its playable debut at MineCon.

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Minecraft on Xbox Live Arcade, the upcoming console port of the indie sandbox sensation, has been pushed back until spring 2012, Microsoft has revealed.

“Minecraft for Xbox 360 is currently in heavy development and we are very happy with the progress,” read an update on Mojang’s official site. “Daniel (a game designer) is working tightly with the 4J team to coordinate Notch’s design decisions. We want to keep the core experience of the original PC version intact, while ensuring the game fits its new platform.”

The Xbox 360 release of Minecraft will be playable for the first time at the upcoming MineCon event in Las Vegas, and is said to offer players the first concrete look at the console outing.

MineCon runs through November 18 – 19.


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