Blizzard testing controls for consoles, still won’t commit to it

By on October 23, 2011

Won’t release until the game feels like “it was built for the console”.

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It’s raining Blizzard for the past couple of days, and we have yet another nugget for you to chew on. During the Diablo III panels, lead designer Jay Wilson spoke on the matter of bringing the action-RPG onto the consoles.

According to Wilson, the team is currently testing different variants of control schemes, although targeting still remains one of the major hurdles.

“The movement actually feels better on the controller,” Wilson said. “Targeting is the issue”. Off the control schemes they have tried, all of them have required players to attack and loot with a reticule, something which the team is not too keen on doing.

“Monster distribution and AI also feels a little bit different than it does on the PC version,” he added.

When asked if Blizzard was ready to announce a console version for Diablo III, Wilson said that won’t happen until and unless “we’re sure”, and that the game feels “like it was built for the console.” So not any time soon, we guess.

Diablo III is yet to get a release date.


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