FIFA 12 outselling PES 2012 by 25-1, claims EA

By on October 19, 2011

Says “it’s unbelievable”.

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Pro Evolution Soccer’s perpetual competitor FIFA is currently outpacing this year’s entry by an outstanding sales factor of 25 to 1, according to publisher Electronic Arts.

That’s however, in the UK, perhaps the biggest market for a football game out there. FIFA 12 went on sale last month in the region, netting 3.2 million copies in one week, and reigning over the top UK All Format Charts for two weeks successively.

Konami’s PES 2012, on the other hand, only managed the fifth spot during its debut week, making it the worst launch in the series’ history.

“FIFA went out just a couple of weekends ago. We had record pre-orders and record sell-through,” said Keith Ramsdale, VP of EA Europe, during the publisher’s winter showcase yesterday in London.

“And when you look at Pro Evolution Soccer versus FIFA, only five years ago in the UK PES was outselling FIFA. On its first weekend like-for-like we’ve just outsold PES by 25 times,” Ramsdale said. “That’s a sign of the momentum and the fanbase and community behind FIFA, and let’s be clear, an absolutely kick-arse game. It’s unbelievable.”


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