Sledgehammer slashes out at MW3 graphics engine critics

By on October 18, 2011

It’s not ‘cut and paste’, it’s a “Porsche”.

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Sledgehammer Games general manager Glen Schofield lashed out at critics who have called the visual engine powering Modern Warfare 3 a “cut and paste” job.

In an interview with CVG, Schofield compared the game’s engine to a Porsche – it’s “clean” and “easy to upgrade”.

“And what I mean by that is that it is stream-lined, everything in it is perfectly freaking clean. You can tell it’s been worked on for years. It’s easy to upgrade.

“We worked with engines before that are like fucking spaghetti. You can’t work on a part and put it back in without messing with everything else.

“I’ve said this before – I’m not shipping an engine, I’m shipping a game. So that’s why I’m going to talk about the game. You can talk about your engine all you want. It’s not fun.”

Keeping the jibes at DICE at bay, Schofield did count the ways they have improved the engine, saying the game has upgrade character and gun models, and water effects.

“If you put Modern Warfare 2 next to Modern Warfare 3 you would see a huge difference. Look at all the character models, look at all the gun models, look at the reflections, look at the water.

“There is so much that we’ve added, so when someone says ‘cut and paste’, I don’t even want to talk to them because they don’t know. They just don’t know. They have no idea.”

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is set to release on November 8 for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.


Mufaddal Fakhruddin is the Editor for IGN ME and thinks writing in third person about himself in an about me section is weird.

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  • tasty

    it still is a console port so… the graphics will be very similar if not the same

  • Kenneth Spaziani

    It is a copy and paste job. Did you know that every CoD game (Including MW3) has a huge chunk of iD’s tech 3 (Quake 3 Engine) ALONG with SOME CODE from QUAKE 1′s engine!? Thats props to iD<3, and Sledgehammer/New IW/RAVEN!? Raven doing MP.. aka the studio that made a mediocre sequel to the BRILLIANT Quake 3?! or the even more mediocre newest Wolfenstein!? Yeah. They're MP should be reaaaal good. Videos make the game looks the same as the games since CoD4. I played them all except for 3, and I will NOT be buying this one, I swore after MW2 I wouldn't even though I sunk 100 hours in (meh) then I suckered into Black Ops due to digging World At War; worst launch on PC ever? put around 70 hours of MP in according to Steam, I still jump on zombies once every 2-3 weeks for 20 minutes…. Battlefield 3 BLEEDS true Military Mult-Player Action packed gameplay. — So Sorry that CoD's Hollywood movie Single Player will be "better" than BF3's – but The MP will be Black Ops, with some new guns, maps, setting, few lame new game modes that they PUMP UP, it'll be same as MW2, same as WaW (nah WaW was too good and action packed with 64 player MP nevermind), same as CoD4:MW. – Here is the big difference; this will be the first to get a metacritic average below 78.

    If it doesn't the players will realize its garbage.
    "Not a copy and paste job, the game is just easy to upgrade, its stream-lined" says a sledgehammer employee look at the gun models. Wow okay, so you changed that, good job. look at the reflections – ahhh using some more trendy code and shader modelers? look at the WATER! Yeah. Lets look at that water, Im sure it looks /slightly/ different. It's not using Nvidia CUDA to blow me away like Just Cause did when it came out, it doesn't look anything like the amazing water effects in Battlefield 3!? does it!? The rain on the cement ground on Ultra Settings in BF3 is one of the most astonishing attention to details I've ever seen.

    COPY AND PASTE JOB. – I hope after this release and the backlash to follow and money lost on the consoles, and headsets, tshirts that won't meet qouta at all…. advertisers lose money, lawsuit kills IW and Activision and for everyone to shrug off CoD and just play whatever else is cool this month and accessible for every 12 year old kids (ugh) to all ages especially in the highschool and college areas. Nothing like all these dumb hosers sitting around the xbox playing in splitscreen. SPLIT SCREEN!? what is this… Nintendo 64?! Christ, get a PC and even then…. don't get the game. Save the 60. I'd rather you buy ammo to off yourself.

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