New Dark Souls multiplayer patch coming soon

By on October 17, 2011

Will make life little easier. Little.

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From Software has promised a new patch for Dark Souls, it’s moral-crushing, infuriating and stupidly hard action-RPG.

The short changelog is in Japanese, but the folks at NeoGAF were kind enough to decode it:

  • Fixes to certain spells and effects:
    - Magic Shield, Strong Magic Shield
    - Tranquil Walk of Peace
    - Ring of Fog, etc.
  • Unlimited uses of magic and items
  • Regular weapons rebalanced against reinforced weapons
  • Adjustments to the player matching conditions
  • Loading problems when switching between maps
Specific details on how exactly these changes will affect the game is unknown, however From has promised an update to that soon. This will be the fourth patch for the game.


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  • Cruentuslacrima

    Im loving this game, i dont think it’s stupidly difficult , it just requires your patience and maximum attention , it”s not for people who just play games to pass time. Once you get into it you will be in for a major treat , it’s extremely rewarding.

    BTW when is your review coming out???

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