Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10

By on July 21, 2009

Tiger returns with better controls and even more gameplay modes.


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First Impressions
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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 last year was one of the best sports titles around on all systems. The 360/PS3 version of the game rocked some impressive graphics to go with a set of innovative controls. The Wii version of the game might have lacked the amazing graphics engine, but it did feature some of the best controls in a sports game yet. The All Play label added to the end of the title for the Wii version might have scared some sports fans off however. After all with all these colours and Tiger uncharacteristically smiling on the cover, the game did not look all that serious. The game was still packed with a ton of modes but featured some on-off gameplay issues.

This year EA Sports is looking to set the record straight with one of the best golf games ever released. The developers, Tiburon (Same guys behind the Madden series), managed to squeeze in even more modes, a functional online mode, ultra realistic gameplay elements thanks to MotionPlus and even improve the graphics in one go. To give the developers even more credit, the game would have sold anyways even if the new MotionPlus controls were the only new addition making everything else one big nice bonus.


MotionPlus is an accessory that fits right into the bottom of your Wiimote. What MotionPlus does is simply capture every single move or twist you apply to the Wiimote, resulting in some extra realistic controls. As a simple example imagine you’re about to hit the ball, swinging back in full power, instead of swinging straight back down you swing slightly to the left.  Amazingly enough, the ball will actually curve depending on your hands power and direction.  The control scheme altogether is as innovative as it gets, yet one of the simplest and easiest to get used to. To make things even better, the game comes packed with the MotionPlus accessory for the same price of a regular game!

Difficulty levels wise, the game will test you the first time you play to determine just how bad you suck. Based on your test results, the game will recommend specific putting and swing settings for you. The putting can be extremely frustrating when you first start off. Mainly due to how accurate the whole control scheme is. So no matter how close the hole is, mess up accuracy and/or your speed and you’re in for a long day. Thankfully, the easier settings will ease you into the game at first. But you have to keep in mind that in order for you to master this game you will need to spend some good time practicing. While some skills on the side won’t hurt either!

Tiger Woods PGA tour 10 comes with a ton of modes for you to experiment. The most noticeable inclusion is the highly hyped Disc Golf mode. Here you can play in all 27 courses included in the game. Only difference is instead of having a ball to drive into the hole, you have a disk and a basket. Some of you might have went ahead and labelled this mode silly already, but wait until you actually play it. The game will capture every move you take throwing the disk (or in this case waving the Wiimote as if you are throwing a disk), resulting in some heated competition between you and your friends.


Speaking of friends, this game features one of the best online experiences on the system. The simple reason behind that is the EA connection the game uses (instead of the lame Nintendo Wi-Fi service).  Setting up an EA online account is a breeze and joining a game is even easier. EA online is actually more impressive than we thought. It features some interesting chat elements, ease of use and solid lag free connections. The online modes range from the typical single quick match to a very addictive tournament mode. The tournament mode, a new addition to Tiger 10, is a daily/weekly event that takes place live online.

If Disk golf and the variety of online modes wasn’t enough, the game even comes packed with more goods. You have a Career mode that includes the regular tournaments and PGA Tour season. Both the arcade and mini games modes include some quick and addictive games you and your friends will extremely enjoy. You also have the traditional golf game modes as something you might prefer playing on your own. With up to 15 modes to choose from, this game is certainly not something you will be playing for days or weeks, more like months and years.

Now we come to the less impressive elements in this game, the graphics. To cut the developers some slack, the graphics actually improved to a large degree over last year’s effort on the Wii. Problem is both 09 and 10 combined don’t come close to capturing the magical graphics on other consoles. Tiger Woods 09 on the Xbox 360 last year was actually one of the best looking games on any system. Tiger Woods 10 for the Wii does feature some decent graphics that we would love to see improved next year. Characters wise, Tiger looks as sharp as ever and every character you create will actually look good and smooth.  The animations are fluid and follow your every move and swing precisely.


The music in EA Sports titles is simply stellar. Sadly, the music in this game is a bit of a letdown. Mainly because of the lack of variety we have come to expect from other EA Sports titles. The sound effects are also not that good and barely get the job done. The commentary, which is one of the first things we look at in a sports title, is also a letdown. All we get is the same repetitive quotes and occasional jokes.  Just like it was the case with the graphics, the sound department is so much better on both the Xbox 360 and PS3 version of the game.

We must admit that we are not big fans of real Golf, but Tiger 09 was one of the best games we played last year. Tiger 10 for the Wii is not just one of the best titles we have played this year, but it is also one of the most innovative and best party games around. There is nothing like inviting a few friends over and having a golf showdown in your living room. With the ultra realistic controls running the show, the one with most skill and concentration will win. Aside from the slightly disappointing sound and graphics departments this game has it all. Tiger Woods PGA tour 10 for the Wii packs a stellar gameplay engine, fantastic game modes and (for a change on the Wii) a functional online mode. So it doesn’t matter if you are a fan of Golf or not, this game is something you have to experience.

The Scorecard
One of the most interesting and addictive gameplay engines we have come across in recent years.
Sadly, does not even come close to the 360/PS3 version of the game.
Not the best thing about this game and certainly needs some improvements.
ton of offline game modes that are actually fun to go with a flawless online mode.
Everyone that plays this game is going to love it, no exceptions!
A fantastic sports title that every Wii owner should try out. Sound and graphics aside, this game is one of the best sports titles ever released.


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