Carmack calls RAGE’s PC launch a “cluster !@#$”

By on October 11, 2011

Says this isn’t the leading platform.

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id’s legend programmer John Carmack was upset of last week’s  messy PC RAGE launch, describing it as  a “cluster !@#$”

PC gamers had a lesser quality product than consoles with RAGE. At the same time; it was also plagued with severe performance issues and driver incompatibility glitches, which caused textures to not load properly. As a result, id Software dropped a patch that should address some of them reported issues.

Being troubled of the PC launch, Carmack, who’s usually known for being mild-mannered, couldn’t but toss out the cuss words, even though he censored himself.

“The driver issues at launch have been a real cluster !@#$,” he told Kotaku. “We were quite happy with the performance improvements that we had made on AMD hardware in the months before launch; we had made significant internal changes to cater to what AMD engineers said would allow the highest performance with their driver and hardware architectures, and we went back and forth with custom extensions and driver versions.”

In a rather shocking statement from a dev known for pioneering PC gaming, Carmack explained that he doesn’t see PC as a leading platform anymore, suggesting that the console market is the way to go.

“We do not see the PC as the leading platform for games. That statement will enrage some people, but it is hard to characterize it otherwise; both console versions will have larger audiences than the PC version. A high end PC is nearly 10 times as powerful as a console, and we could unquestionably provide a better experience if we chose that as our design point and we were able to expend the same amount of resources on it.

“Nowadays most of the quality of a game comes from the development effort put into it, not the technology it runs on. A game built with a tenth the resources on a platform 10 times as powerful would be an inferior product in almost all cases.”

Bethlog has ever since updated its RAGE page to guide customers for the suitable download links of both AMD and Nvidia drivers.


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