RAGE on PC new patch adds advanced graphics settings

By on October 10, 2011

Also VSync, Texture Cache and Anisotropic Filter.

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id Software has issued a patch for its PC version of RAGE which addresses some of the reported illogical hardware incompatibilities plagued in the game, and adding an advanced graphics options in the process.

It’s a strange decision from a mighty studio like id Software to dismiss a customizable graphics option in its PC release. Instead, the studio opted to go with automatic adjustments in the id Tech 5 engine based on the detected hardware, but now that the patch is here, expect to toggle manually with graphics sliders.

Moreover, VSync, Texture Cache and Anisotropic Filter have all been added to the mix.

The patch will be auto-downloaded the next time Steam is restarted. Check out the entire changelog below.

  • Implemented workaround for AMD driver crash right after intro cinematic on Win 7 32-bit systems.
  • Disabled UBOs because they are causing animation issues with AMD drivers.
  • Don’t allow swap-tear to be enabled on AMD while the extension is not exposed because it may crash.
  • Support for new video settings: “texture cache”, “vsync” and “anisotropic filter”
  • Automatically adjust vt_maxPPF based on the number of available cores.
  • Improved performance for SLI cards when GPU transcode is enabled.
  • Fix for GPU Transcoding option being disabled after exiting gameplay.
  • Added safe mode to restore video settings to default values.
  • Allow g_fov to be changed from the RAGE launch options in Steam.
  • Server now forwards text chat from clients to all other clients while in-game.


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