AMD graphics cards causes RAGE amonst fans

By on October 5, 2011

Graphical glitches galore.

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A game by id Software, the gurus of all things technical (it has a rocket scientist on board), usually guarantees super smooth, polished PC version of its games, at the least. With RAGE, however, the company seems to have skipped a beat.

Players with AMD graphics cards are reporting plethora of problems with the game, varying from graphical glitches, texture pop-ins and straight-up game crashes. Some Nvidia users have also reported similar problems as well, although it seems to be spread over a select few graphics cards.

This is how the post-apocalypse of a post-apocalypse looks like.

id and AMD have already brought out their wrenches and have issued a driver hotfix. The update promises “siginificant performance gains for single GPU configurations”, and “latest OpenGL driver component for Rage performance optimizations”. Unfortunately, the update is only compatible with the HD6000 and HD5000 series of graphics cards (HD4000 users are out of luck for now).

The studio is also working on an update for Nvidia users as well, but in the meanwhile has suggested users to install the current beta drivers, found here.


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