Sony reveals ‘Only On PSN’ program, includes PS2 classics

By on October 4, 2011

New campaign runs throughout October, is US-only.

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A new initiative that holds the name ‘Only On PlayStation Network’ has been unleashed by SCEA, which is primarily started to offer users a batch of exclusive content each week starting this month.

The program will kick start within the first PSN update, and will follow the same process within each update on Tuesday. Though, here’s the catch, it’s currently being offered to North American gamers only via the US Store, as of yet.

Premium PS Plus members will enjoy a 20 percent discount post-launch this week, according to Sony.

“‘Only On PlayStation Network’ is our line of great exclusive games that users can count on to deliver exciting game experiences that can’t be found anywhere else,” commented Susan Panico, Senior Director of PlayStation Network, SCEA.“This strong initial content offering, combined with the day one discounts for PlayStation Plus subscribers and the ‘Spend $60, Get $10 Back’ promotion, makes PlayStation Network the premier destination for digital content.”

The titles that go under PSN’s new moniker program are as follow, including release schedules.

October 4 – Eufloria and Rochard
October 11 – Sideway: New York
October 13 – Sodium Collection
October 18 – Okabu and RocketBirds
October 25 – inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood and PixelJunk Sidescroller.

Quite interestingly, perhaps the greatest slice of the campaign, seems like users will be able to grab downloadable PS2 games from the Sony Network, with first crumbs of classics reportedly including God Hand, Maximo: Ghosts to Glory, GrimGrimoire, Odin Sphere and Ring of Red.


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