Man assaults 13 year old kid over Call of Duty

By on October 2, 2011

He “just lost it”.

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Rage over sucking at multiplayer games is quite common, especially when you are being annihilated by a teenager who shouldn’t be playing the game in the first place. But England resident Mark Bradford did what most of us online only threaten to do – he actually assaulted a 13 year old who headshot’ed him in a game of Call of Duty.

Bradford “just lost it”, according his attorney Tracey Baker, after the boy killed him in the multiplayer game. Bradford, somehow, knew where the boy lived and decided the best way to settle the score is to go to his house and catch him by his throat in front of his mother. Bradford claims the boy called him a name which made him to loose control.

“It wasn’t malice. I just grabbed him. I’ve seen him since and apologized. The injuries weren’t that bad but I do regret it,” Bradford told the court Thursday.

“It’s pathetic that a grown man would attack a defenseless child like this,” the boy’s mother said. “If you can’t handle losing to a child then you shouldn’t be playing games.”

Mark Bradford will stand for trial on October 24th. He was release on bail.


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