FIFA 12 Review

By on October 1, 2011

A game made even better.

Good: Great graphics; improved gameplay; more value for the money; decent Arabic commentary
Bad: A bit hard to get used to at the start;
Price: AED
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With the start of another football season, comes another FIFA game for us fans to enjoy. Last year’s version of the game was arguably one of the best sports games ever made. The game combined excitement and realism under one roof and excelled at it. Writing the review of that game, I often stopped and thought to myself that how on earth were the developers going to beat this next year? Well the answer is in my hands now; FIFA 12 somehow manages to best last year’s title.

With sequels, you usually have one or two main points that make the new game better. The developer usually highlights these two points, mentions that the rest of the game play remains the same, and release the game to make some money. With FIFA 12 though it was different, the developer released a full list of promised changes. When that list came out only a few months ago, I was skeptical. How was the developer going to t keep the core game play that made the series such a success while adding a whole new dribbling and defensive system?

The new dribbling technique, or precision dribbling if you want to call it, is what made all the difference for me. Instead of running in steps straight forward, you can now dribble around the defenders, making one move after the other to reach the goal. Pace is still very important, but skillful strikers, that were deemed useless at times in FIFA 11, can now make a huge difference in every attack. What makes the new dribbling system even better is how it becomes more effective the more you play the game, rewarding you for every minute you spend on the pitch in FIFA 12.

The defensive system, which is not as new as some might think, does impact the game massively. First, it makes the game harder. Gamers used to the old FIFA defending techniques are going to have a shock in the first few games in FIFA 12. They will concede a load of cheap goals and break many controllers. With time though, using the new defensive system can make a huge difference in your game. You will have more control on every defender on the pitch. Running like a mad man at the attackers is no longer your only option. Just when you thought this could be the reason why you will not invest in FIFA 12, EA Sports made sure they gave us the option to switch back to the old defending style with a few clicks. You cannot get more win-win than this!

One of the biggest issues with any game out there is the collision system. How many times have we laughed at how some characters in a game react when running into each other? In sports games this was even a bigger issue that did not result in laughs most of the time. We have seen players slide off each other like they had too much hair gel all over their bodies for too long. FIFA 12 promised a collision system that has been in development for almost 2 years, and they rightfully deliver on their promise. The way players running into full speed crash into each other or move away is just amazing. During one attacking sequence, I dribbled past 2 defenders so fast that they ran into each other – allowing me a straight path to goal. Now that is what you call owning the other team.

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I love my Sports games. Throw me on an Island with the newest FIFA, Football Manager and NBA 2K and i will live forever. Follow me on Twitter (@RabieA11) for updates or on the PSN and XBL (Rabie1).

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