BioWare to reveal “big” info regarding Mass Effect 3?

By on September 29, 2011

Info embargoed till sometime this week.

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Latest Screens is running a rumor of a forthcoming announcement from BioWare regarding Mass Effect 3.

Apparently, BioWare held a behind-closed-door presentation today, information from which is embargoed till some time this week. The website’s writer, Andy Katkin dropped a hint, saying the announcement is something “big” and “exciting” and something a lot of us has been “eagerly awaiting” for.

However, BioWare was quick to shot down the rumor, with Chris Priestly saying, “There is no “big announcement coming this week”. This was specualtion from a guy who works at EA who was at the event in question. There is lots of cool Mass Effect 3 information still to come between now and March 6, but there is no planned “big announcement” or whatever planned for the immediate future.”


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