Epic: Unreal Engine 4 “probably around 2014”

By on September 29, 2011

Company founder spending the most of his time researching the tech of tomorrow.

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Epic Games’ next iteration of the Unreal tech will probably launch around three years from now, studio boss Tim Sweeney stated.

Speaking to IGN, the company founder explained that Unreal Engine 4 development and tech research for the next-generation of consoles is currently a top priority for the celebrated company, articulating that in the meantime, he spends most of his time exploring the bells and whistles viable in the forthcoming generation.

“I spend about 60 percent of my time every day doing research work that’s aimed at our next generation engine and the next generation of consoles,” he said.”This is technology that won’t see the light of day until probably around 2014, but focusing on that horizon enables me to do some really cool things that just aren’t practical today, but soon will be”.

“Some of our most productive work in the industry was on the first Unreal engine back in 1996, when I wrote a software vendor with a bunch of new features that hadn’t been seen before. I feel like that’s what I’m doing now on Unreal Engine 4 in exploring areas of the technology nobody else is really yet contemplating because they’re still a few years away from practicality. But I see a huge amount of potential there and so it’s very, very fun work.”

Given that Epic Games is planning a foreseeable outing of its next-gen Unreal Engine around 2014, this means new consoles will arrive around that period?  Let’s be quite realistic – we can’t hide the fact that eminent studios have a mere insight at the planned launch window for the next wave of consoles, particularly since Epic reiterated that Unreal Engine 4 won’t be created for existing hardware.


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