Rumor: First Dead Space 3 details drop by, is set on an arctic planet

By on September 29, 2011

Ship crashes, poor Isaac once again tracked by new class of creepy forces.

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A supposed insider close to Siliconera suggests that Dead Space 3 is indeed happening, with leaked info hinting that Isaac Clarke will finally move out from the doomed space shuttles and starships, only to find himself stuck on a frozen planet.

In Dead Space 3, the report states that Isaac survives a horrific crash while landing on the icy surface. At first, he accepts that no other associate have made it and thus he’s the only survivor.

Though, while wandering the planet, Isaac spots another survivor hitting his timely end slowly in an abandoned waystation – that’s where the injured person explains that a host of other survivors have made it and already heading to another facility, including Ellie – a renowned character from the franchise’s second outing.

Later on, Isaac meets with Ellie, in addition to new character Jennifer, and the three companions decide to pick a mountain route where they get chased by an unknown force, with the enemies being reportedly referred to as “the hive mind.”

All in all, sounds like a totally new thing for Dead Space, moving out from space shuttles would be an exciting twist. From the sounds of it, the fresh settings will bid the righteous fear in our minds.


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