Razer Mouse Bungee Quick Look

By on September 26, 2011

Less drag, more frag? Only up to a certain extent.

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If there was a top ten list of the most annoying things about PC gaming, mouse cord drag would top my list. I have tried all sorts of tricks to lessen the ‘drag effect’. I have tried to tie the cord to a screw on the wall, and even have gone to the extent of making a small, smooth ‘glider base’ for the cord to move smoothly. But neither of them worked, and I have been vigilant ever since of keeping my Razer Mamba charged so that I never have to use it with the cord.

But when Razer announced its Mouse Bungee, curiosity peaked. I admit to never having heard of a mouse bungee before, and the idea of it reducing mouse drag, and knowing that I wasn’t the only one who suffered from it (to warrant a product), was like music to my ears. Razer were kind enough to pass a unit along for a trial and here is a quick look down it.


Razer is running the tagline “less drag, more frag” for the Bungee – which is exactly what is true. The bungee does not completely remove drag, nor does it give a “wireless-like” feel to the mouse, but it is a step ahead from homemade solutions and definitely makes using corded mouse actually useable.

The Bungee is light but has strong sticky feet so it won’t move about that easily. It has three places where the cord must be fitted, although make sure you give enough length between the mouse and the bungee before plugging the cord in, unless you like redoing things.

I believe that if you accustomed to using high DPI levels, you will actually never notice any drag, since your space for movement will be barely minimum. For those that prefer medium to low DPI settings, drag is felt when moving about the mouse pad. The cord is ‘attached’ to the bungee, so when you pull to the side, up, or down, the bungee doesn’t accommodate and slip the cord further away from the movement, hence introducing direction resistance.


Another thing of note is that the places where the cord must be fitted are specifically built only for Razer mices, or at least those with slimmer cords. I had to brute force, and hard, to fit the fatter cord from my Steelseries mouse, and then I could only manage to plug it into the first holder, not the rest of the two.

So, Razer Mouse Bungee does have its drawbacks, but $19.99 is a great price for those who plan to use ‘compatible’ products with the Bungee. It will not eliminate drag, but it will reduce it to a long extent.


Mufaddal Fakhruddin is the Editor for IGN ME and thinks writing in third person about himself in an about me section is weird.

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