Survey shows players thought 3D would give them edge in multiplayer

By on September 26, 2011

28 percent still unaware 3DS doesn’t require glasses.

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During this year’s 3D Gaming Summit in Los Angeles, Dan Casey from Intepret presented findings from the survey the company undertook on 3D gaming in general.

As reported by Gamespot, Casey said that of 1,600 adults interviewed, only 7 percent said they would prefer a handheld for their 3D experiences rather than a full fledged system setup.

Awareness of 3DS increased by 60 percent, however 28 percent of them were unaware that Nintendo’s handheld doesn’t require 3D glasses. 22 percent of 3DS users said 3D actually improved their gaming, while 28 percent vouched for the complete opposite. 13 percent said they just turned it off.

Side effects related to 3D is on an every increasing prowl as well, with even more gamers reporting dizziness or nausea after playing 3D-enabled games.

On a side note, 23 percent of gamers thought 3D might increase their chances in a multiplayer battlefield.


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