Def Jam: The Takeover

By on October 26, 2006

The Takeover, aint over yet!


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First Impressions
My reaction is

Yet again the PSP is being chucked out with console ports by the Producers. The latest on the list is EA’s DEF Jam Fight For New York: THE TAKEOVER. As long and slightly modified as the name may seem, the game’s got less to differ from the original elder brother out more than an year ago on the Playstation 2 and Xbox.

The game stars you as the new kid in the block ready to make some name for himself and become an elemental part of a gang. Fans would remember that these gang members are actually your over the top blinged out hip hop artists and it’s their hood you would need to break into by showing and removing some guts which you shall do by proving your cockyness with a punch.

You can start off  the story mode by creating your own player and entering your hood. The game

takes alot of its technicalities from the WWE series, where in you have a locker as your main menu; in here you’re inside your crib (more formally called home) and get your regular mission feeds from your T-Mobile Sidekick. Your messages are basic information prompts as your main acceptances, shopping and beating is accessed from the Map menu. You can go to different places for different fights or buy stuff from recognised jewelry stores and shop for clothes. Whereas most of the other stuff will just make you look good, your gym sessions can be good for training and the fights will actually unlock more of the rest of the story.

Moving onto the combat system, this has got to be the main reason why the game still works. As much as it is an arcade style fighter it also uses alot of the better elements from a wrestling brawler. You need to assign a fighting style to your player right at the beginning of the game once you start training at the gym and learn the moves. More interestingly though, you can learn more than one style at a time and be able to perform moves from all of them, for instance you can be a martial artist at the beginning and after accumulating enough points you can add a street fighter into your player. All of the styles have a set number of blazing moves which can be bought later and look extremely satisfying to pull off; hence the name. Perhaps the best part of the fights is the genuinely crazy use of the environments. You can bang your opponent’s skull into the walls or just hang him by a bystander and pull off a double move; the choice is yours. This unique set of fighting mechanics makes up for an otherwise, alright combat game play.

Much credit needs to be given to the presentation style of the game. It does get annoying at the

loading and saving bit but the over all look of the game does speak loads about the art work. The graphics are very well done and amidst all the fight the cocky comments and arguments are tongue in cheek. The fight sequences are very smooth, yet the controls demand some amount of training to actually make the fight look better than just same punch and kick. Given the learning curve, people might get a little ticked off with the analog only movement as it’s not the best thing for a long game time. Other wise there is little that bothers in the game. With over 50 rap stars in the roster even the non-hip-hop aficionados would love to kick their most hated artist’s butt.

Conclusively, it’s a very neat port on to the PSP and there’s less to complain. It seems genuine and is content packed with unlockables, fight sequences and bling bling. Even when most of the game would see you bump chuck and dump people for petty crimes and mockery, you’d actually enjoy the fights after. The story could’ve been presented in a better way than comic all text, but when there isn’t much depth, you can avoid with ‘X’. However, it’s not very different from the PS2 version and therefore it’s just the same thing, only pocket sized.

The Scorecard
Average story, but good fun game play.
Not the best, but certainly one of the better looking games.
That tagged along with the graphics and animation is equal to great presentation.
If you own the previous version you don’t need this one lest you cant get enough of rappers on the TV already.
There isn’t anything wrong, except for perhaps the learning curve for the controls.
Its good in its pants and wholly stuffed. Nothing extraordinary, but good fighting game.


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