Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary to be shown at GAMES11

By on September 20, 2011

Get hands-on with the classic.

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There is no new Halo this year, but Microsoft is making sure you are not left without one. The new Halo handlers, 343 Industries, is busy developing Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, an HD remake of the classic Xbox shooter that is credited to paving the way for first person shooters on consoles (it was considered blasphemy before it. Maybe.)

The game will feature updated graphics which can be switch on-the-fly to the original visuals (not sure why would you torture your eyes like that but hey…), plus will host all the original multiplayer maps “beautifully re-imagined” for you to rummage through.

If you are eager to give a shot, the game will be present for some hands-on at the Microsoft booth at GAMES11 this week. The event will take place at the Dubai Mall Ice Rink from Sep 22 to Sep 24.


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