Sony to feature PS Vita, Uncharted 3 at GAMES11

By on September 19, 2011

All up for a hands-on.

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During our last week’s TM² Podcast, May El Husseiny, marketing manager at Playstation Gulf, revealed the line up of games and activities that Sony plans to host at this year’s GAMES11

El Husseiny confirmed hands-on time with Playstation Vita, giving UAE players a chance to experience the upcoming handheld for the time first. Naughty Dog’s awaited adventure title, Uncharted 3, will be present as well, along with the recently released Resistance 3, and a host of other Playstation Move titles.

For the ongoing Uncharted Treasure Hunt contest, El Husseiny said the three winners selected from this region will be put through a “survival challenge”, testing the mental and physical capabilities for a single winner to tread the deserts of Jordon in this global challenge. Once in Jordon, the winner and a 19 others from different parts of the world will compete in a Nathan Drake-esque adventure, collecting coins and hidden treasures while avoiding traps and the like in the process. While El Husseiny didn’t spill much regarding that, she did hint at snakes. Participants will be given a GPS, a compass, a map and a jeep and “then let loose” to find the treasure for themselves.

That’s one challenge we can’t wait to experience.


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