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You will find the Next Gen fun in this Old School game.


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First Impressions
My reaction is

Doom was responsible for evolving the genre of first person shooters even though it was not the first FPS game that was created. Doom got the attention of many potential gamers back then with its fun gameplay and awesome level design. The original classic came out in 1993 and now after thirteen years Doom is again made available by Activision for download from the Xbox Live Arcade. And it still doesn’t loose its charm.

You are a marine stationed in Phobos, one of the many moons of Mars. Just then, as usual, an experiment goes wrong and the gates to evil hell gets opened pouring in monsters and demons, the kinds you only have nightmares about. The story isn’t great but Doom is one of those games which doesn’t need one.

The graphics on this Doom is the same as the original classic. No new graphics engine is

used, you still have the same pixilated monsters throwing fireballs at you which brings about those bruises and cuts you get on your face as you burn in the fire of hell. Though the graphics retains the feel of Doom it gets a bit too pixilated when you close up on something. Well at least the frame rates are stable!
The audio is top notch and pretty much the same as the original with MIDI sounds though now you can enjoy it with your surround sound speakers.

The gameplay is as fun as the original though this time you would be smashing on your xbox joystick. The game does not have the typical FPS controls but it wont be long before you get used to it and start kicking some pixilated butts. The weapons are all there, from shotguns, machines guns, BGF and the Chainsaw. They still look and feel the same which is just great and thank God for that!

The multiplayer mode is decent enough. Of course the original Doom didn’t have online play

but here you can play two player or four player games. There is also the Death Match mode and the game also has split screen mode too.

Doom remains loyal to the original in every aspect. It still remains, in these times of HDR effects and Havok Engines, an enjoyable experience. If you aren’t a FPS fan or never have played an FPS before, then you can start over here, a game that started it all.

The Scorecard
Classic gameplay, brings back memories.
Old school graphics.
Same audio as of original Doom but with additional surround sound.
Multiplayer is FUN but it's limited to few players.
Nothing can beat the original DOOM.


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