New Katamari Damacy incoming to PS Vita

By on September 17, 2011

The King of All Cosmos commands a Vita roll out.

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It seems like the upcoming Sony handheld is ceaselessly growing receiving all kinds of third-party support across all genres. As of now, Namco Bandai deployed a teaser trailer affirming the existence of a new exclusive Katamari Damacy for the PlayStation Vita.

Much like other games in the franchise, the aim in the next installment is to grow your katamari by rolling it over everything in sight, thus, by attaining a bigger katamari, you could roll over larger stuff.

However, Katamari Damacy, on the PS Vita, will make use of its touted rear touch pad feature, allowing players to stretch and squeeze the ball horizontally and vertically to pick up the encountered world objects in new ways.

Check out the debut trailer to see how it works out, controlled on the PS Vita.


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