Playstation Vita won’t last very long

By on September 15, 2011

Spec sheet reveals average battery performance.

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Sony today released a full spec sheet for Playstation Vita, highlighting the handheld’s battery performance for the first time. Don’t expect great numbers is all we will say.

According to the sheet, Vita will hold up for about 3-5 hours while gaming, but we are learning towards an in between number of 3.5 hours. Watching video on Vita will give you a good 5 hours of battery life, while music will give you 9 hours if the handheld is in standby mode.

Once depleted, Vita’s battery will take 2 hours and 40 mins to charge back to 100%.

Elsewhere, in a press release, Sony also priced the various memory cards available for the system. In this case, do expect great numbers, but not in a good way.

According to 1up, a 4GB stick will cost you $29, 8GB for $42, 16GB for $72 and 32GB for $124. The prices are a bit on the non-wallet friendly side, especially considering all Vita games will also be downloadable.


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