Resistance 3 Review

By on September 15, 2011

The surprise you didn’t see coming.

Good: Excellent single player; Awesome weapons; Focus on gameplay; Brilliant set-pieces; Variety of enemies; Visual and sound; Multiplayer not the shining star; Healthpacks!
Bad: The finale doesn’t quite pack the punch; Possibly the last game in the franchise from Insomniac; Multiplayer is average.
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To complement the guns is the shooting mechanics. Its strong, it’s fast and it feels just about right. With no cover system in place, aiming from afar just might give you some room to breathe. Even though the aiming speed can be tweaked, the default setting should do it justice. The old-school gameplay is what differentiates Resistance 3 from other shooters. Insomniac clearly shows that the man fighting the war is an ordinary family man in an extraordinary situation. He can’t regenerate health buy sitting it out. Thus, the return of health packs. This not only keeps the gameplay tight, but reassures the humanity in the quest.

It’s easy to forget that the game is an Action FPS, and more like a survival horror at times. The mood, the color palate, as well as the soundtrack is something that is alien to the genre, and yet blends to create an atmosphere, that is dark, and everything that moves is another target. Music does not play a big part of the scenario, but the orchestra on the main menu sends a clear message of sadness and depression. All I can say is that it is effective and nothing else would have felt right.

If Resistance 2 was a bad effort, then, this will be Insomniac’s best! They have really up the ante here, with the visuals during the gameplay, and the motion capture CGI in between. The explosions look beautiful, are oh there are one to many of them, even including exploding chimera, and yet I have to experience any slowdown. The level design is brilliant with some memorable set pieces, for example the prison. Most of the game is a one man show, though there are a few sections which will give you help in form of a friendly NPC.

This brings us to the obvious part of the package: the multi-player. It is a pretty ordinary deal, offering nothing new but adding just enough weight to the package. It includes the classic deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture the flag, breach, chain reaction and hardcore. Other than their titles, the gameplay remains the same to other shooters. Breach has you defending your territory, or destroying your enemy’s. Chain reaction has you defend certain locations of the map. The team to defend the most territories wins. While hardcore removes all the perks the multiplayer has to offer and compete on the strength of the weapons you own. The pure unadulterated action of hardcore might be what brings you back to multi-player. While Resistance 2 had huge 60-players matches, Resistance 3 only has 16 players. Much of the attention was given to single player and co-op.

With all said, done and played, Resistance 3 is the best FPS the Playstation 3 has to offer. Its single player is where most of the fun lies, a trait FPS developers are forgetting of late. The story is one that will definitely get you hooked. The multiplayer might please some, but it is clearly not the attraction of the package. It goes out with just the right amount of emotions to satisfy both a gamer and a fan.

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