Resistance 3 Review

By on September 15, 2011

The surprise you didn’t see coming.

Good: Excellent single player; Awesome weapons; Focus on gameplay; Brilliant set-pieces; Variety of enemies; Visual and sound; Multiplayer not the shining star; Healthpacks!
Bad: The finale doesn’t quite pack the punch; Possibly the last game in the franchise from Insomniac; Multiplayer is average.
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Insomniac Games has always been a big supporter of the Sony Playstation, developing exclusive games for the platform since the days of the first Playstation. They were one of the first developers for the Playstation 3, releasing Resistance: Fall of Man as one of the launch titles. Now, half a decade later, sees the release of what is said to be the final game in the trilogy, Resistance 3. This should be seen as the best in the trilogy, with a brilliant single player campaign and an equally captivating multi-player.

In this year of news of sequels and prequels, Resistance 3 never found its place. The focus was definitely not set right, and who is to blame. Marketing was on the down-low, and other developers where pitching their games as its systems best. In the end of the day, this will be seen as more of a surprise and astonishment, that it took three games to get it right. Be proud of it, because this is one title you don’t want to miss!

To recap the story, Resistance takes place in alternate history 1950’s, where an alien civilization, known as the Chimera, have invaded Earth and chaos follows. In the first two games, players take the role of Sergeant Hale, who is touted to be a hero as the Sole survivor of the Chimeran attack on Britain. After the events of Resistance 2 (which I will not spoil), players now assume the role of Joseph Capelli.

The prologue explains that a cure for the Chimeran virus is found and survivors all around the world and given the vaccine. The number of survivors are a handful and the army of the enemy grows. Rather than collecting bodies to harvest, the Chimera are killing of the rest of the survivors in attempt to wipe the human population. The humans survive by living in caves and underground tunnels. The story is a personal one, which distinguishes is from the first two games. Joe (Joseph) is doing what he can, so that his infant son could live a life free of fear.

Desperate time requires desperate measures. The game continues to give a feeling that times are dire and one man on a mission can make a difference. Defeat was not an option! The game is of ordinary length when compares to any other FPS, around 10-12 hours, but it’s the continuous pacing that keeps you hooked. Insomniac wasn’t afraid of giving challenges every step of the way, and making it seem impossible for anything to end good. Yet, Joe fights for survival and for mankind’s last stand.

What keeps the gameplay satisfying are the guns. Some old favorites make a return like the Bullseye, Deadeye and the Marksman. New additions fit in very well and one can wonder how such technology made its way in 1950. My conclusion, the alternate human race were smarter than us! In true Insomniac fashion, each weapon can be upgraded to a more powerful one on the fly and doesn’t require players to purchase upgrades. It keeps the focus on the game itself, rather than it being an RPG. That’s one reason for you to come back to play the single player a second, or maybe a third time as well. For fans of the series, they should play it on normal or highest difficulty. One more thing, something you might love, is that Joe can carry all the guns he acquires throughout the game. So, you don’t have to choose to drop one, to favor the other. It helps in section where the Chimera are storming in like rain and you will need every bullet of every gun to get through, sometimes even on your last breath.

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