Monster Hunter 4 unveiled for 3DS

By on September 14, 2011

Also Monster Hunter Tri confirmed for late 2012.

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During Nintendo’s pre-TGS conference, the company exposed a surprise that should delight owners of the 3D handheld, specifically Monster Hunter fans.

The company dropped a trailer, revealing the existence of Monster Hunter 4, Capcom’s incredibly popular role-playing series, which in fact as of now, it’s unknown whether Nintendo has managed to book themselves an exclusive deal.

Little is known about the all-new Monster Hunter, but we can bet our socks that releasing an exclusive iteration means an instant-win for the Nintendo 3DS, particularly in its homeland Japan, where the franchise is immensely popular. Ever asked yourself why the PSP is so damn successful in Japan? Yeah, it’s mostly because of the series alone.

Monster Hunter 3G, another MH title already in development for the Nintendo 3DS is scheduled for late next year in Japan.

A trailer that shows the official logo alongside a mere highlight of the fiends in MH4 has been issued. Watch below.


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