EA is making ‘myFIFA in Arabic’ video montage, and it wants you in it

By on September 14, 2011

Wanted to be featured in an official video? Here’s your chance.

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Have you ever wondered, ‘hey, you know, I could do some pretty crazy/cool stuff’ on  a fan video montage for a video game. Dress up as the character or for your favorite game and scream chants and slogans. But alas, you never got a chance to present yourself, the dreams of the inner fanboy locked away in Rapture-eque place somewhere in your mind.

But fret no longer, Electronic Arts Middle East is kick starting an initiative that will stir that inner fanboy right up. As part of the celebration and promotion of the Arabic localization in FIFA 12, EA has announced a ‘myFIFA in Arabic’ video campaign and it wants you to participate in it.

What is it?
myFIFA in Arabic will be a video montage of fans showing their excitement over the announcement of Arabic localization in FIFA 12. It will be a collection of fan-made videos from all over the Middle East.  The video will be chosen by Issam Al Chouali and Abdulla Al Harbi, the two legendary Arabic commentators who have also lent their voice for the game.

What do I have do?
Record yourself showing your excitement over the Arabic content present in FIFA 12. There is no hard and fast rule of what it should be like – you have the license to go all out crazy (or giddy, we won’t judge).

However, there are some basic rules:
- No offensive content, including abusive language, rude gestures or nudity of any kind.
-  The video should not be more than 1 min long.
- The video doesn’t have to have the highest of resolutions, but please make sure they are clean and clear.

Where do I upload my video?
YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe  - wherever you want, as long as its accessible and streams properly. You can post the video links in our comments section. We will choose some of them and have them feature on the second page of this article.

The videos must be in before September 24th. Get your gear on!


Mufaddal Fakhruddin is the Editor for IGN ME and thinks writing in third person about himself in an about me section is weird.

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