Animania 2011 Coverage

By on September 12, 2011

Bahrain Event brings Gamers and Anime Audience together

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Animania Bahrain returns once again, bringing gamers and anime lovers together. It comes in a new form with support from DvLZGaME, Tbreak and MEGamers.

The event featured many competitions on the 10th of Septmeber, in the Prestige Hall, and the Competitions included:

  • Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition
  • Fifa 11
  • Marvel Vs Capcom 3
  • COD: Black Ops
For more info, visit Animania’s Facebook Page, or the Website
Prizes were presented by GeeKay and Mental Games.
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  • Ahmedz

    No pictures of the Megaman Legends 3 panel?

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