UTV Ignition gets Quarrel’ing on iOS

By on September 11, 2011

Words are your weapon for world domination.

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Press release:
UTV Ignition Games, together with developer Denki is pleased to announce the release of Quarrel on iOS devices.

Quarrel is a word game which combines the need for quick thinking, dictionary smarts, and a lot of guile. Whether you choose speed and fast reactions or slow methodical planning, the key to success is in the players’ control.

Quarrel takes place on islands where two, three or four forces battle for total control of each island, which is split into territories. The aim of the game is simply to take over all the territories.

Success is achieved by creating the best scoring word from a selection of letters – each with a designated value. The length of the word you can make depends on how many troops you have on each territory. In the case of tie, whoever made their word fastest is the victor.

Deciding whether to attack, defend, retreat, transfer troops around, or reinforce your armies, while successfully winning the ongoing word challenges, will win the day.

Quarrel features nine fiendish artificial players, all of whom have unique personalities and play styles. Rex is methodical and plays great words, but takes his time so is vulnerable to trigger fingered players like Caprice (but she’s not got so good a vocabulary). Malik is a great all-rounder, but too many times he is bent on revenge and lets his pride cloud his judgement. Kali is an all round genius and should be challenged by expert players only. And Dwayne is a simpleton.

Quarrel Deluxe is available now for $4.99 USA / UK: GBP 2.99/ EU: EUR 3.99/ Australia: AUD 5.49

from the iTunes App Store, and this Universal App functions on any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad operating system of any version above 3.1.2.

A trial version of Quarrel is also available for those eager to sample its uniquely brain-boggling strategy, but this free sample only offers limited gameplay options.


Mufaddal Fakhruddin is the Editor for IGN ME and thinks writing in third person about himself in an about me section is weird.

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