Alter Ego Review

By on September 9, 2011

Ever wondered what someone else’s life might be like?

Good: A novel experiment in life simulation.
Bad: Doesn't prove to be as interesting as it was 20 years back
Price: AED 20 (approx.)
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First Impressions
My reaction is

Have you ever wondered what your life could have been like if things had gone a little bit differently?

That, basically is the premesis of Alter Ego- a game I first played on the Comodore 64 over twenty years back. I remember being fascinated by the game when I was a kid and that made me download it on the iPhone. The iPhone has certainly proven to be pretty awesome for nostalgic games like the Monkey Island series.

Priced at US$5, Alter Ego is certainly a bit on the expensive side for a game that is more like a Q&A session with a shrink. It starts off with you being selecting your gender and making the choice on how you enter the world- peacefully, fighting or not come out at all. That, pretty much sums up what Alter Ego is about. The game is basically a life simulation in a multiple choice question format. You can chose to follow it as you, in your real life would, or be someone completely different.

At the start, the game asks you six questions to “establish your personality” which include “I will probably try to answer these questions honestly” , “The people who know me best like me as a person” and “I think that questions like this are stupid and meaningless.” Needless to say, Alter Ego is not your average game.

Questions in the game range on topics which include Social, Emotional, Intellectual, Phsical and family. These are all denoted by icons. There is one more icon that lets you progress in age and move to the next stage in your life. You are free to skip moving forward without answering any questions but really, thats not what you paid $5 for.

There is absolutely nothing to talk about as far as graphics and sound are concerned in Alter Ego- because there really isn’t anything other than a few icons and random pictures in a quiet environment. The black color with white text tries to create the righ mood and I suppose it works as the inverse might have made the game less appealing to look at.

Sadly, Alter Ego failed to create as much of an impact on me as it did in my childhood. That is probably because I have grown up and don’t find the questions and scenarios in the game as interesting or intriguing. Maybe a younger gamer that isn’t trigger happy might find it more interesting but would they pay $5 for it? I’m guessing not as the game is availabe to play for free on the web at


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