EA sees strong numbers for Online Pass, Sims Social

By on September 8, 2011

Revenue from Online Pass not “dramatic” but it’s in millions.

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Speaking at the City 2011 Tech Conference, EA CFO Erich Brown shared some numbers on the company’s two big social initiatives, indicating healthy, if not “dramatic”, growth for the Online Pass system, and it’s recently launched The Sims Social game for Facebook.

“The revenues we derive from that haven’t been dramatic. I’d say they’re in the $10-$15 million range since we initiated the program,” he said.

On The Sims Social, Brown said that the Facebook game, which is third to Farmville on the social network, sees about 7.8 million daily active users, with players averaging about 15 to 20 mins per session which comes three times a day.

“What has made [The Sims Social] a success so far is the Playfish expertise… combined with the creative excellence of the core Sims team,” said Brown. “Those teams work together exceptionally well.”

Those who had secretly (or openly) wished the Online Pass system would wither and die, well guess what?


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