Rumor: Nintendo struggling to make WiiU hardware work

By on September 8, 2011

Nintendo may push internal release to September 2012.

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A source close to 01net has revealed that Nintendo is currently struggling to piece together its next much hyped home console, the WiiU.

According to the source, the chipset is proving to be less powerful than expected and the final architecture seems to have been “rushed out the door”.

A fourth prototype of the device is expected to be made this month, after the engineers apparently failed to make the previous three work.

The kits passed onto developers are surviving on a tethering cable, although the communication between the console and controller is still botchy, and developers have to keep up with software updates almost on a daily basis.

Nintendo had planned to release the console internally on June 2012, however according to the source, they have scheduled it to September 2012.


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