MadCatz F.P.S. Pro Xbox 360 controller Review

By on September 7, 2011

Giving you the MLG advantage.

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First Impressions
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It’s not every day you hear about MLG working in collaboration with a peripheral manufacturing company to develop a high precision controller with expanded functionality and one that looks cool, without breaking the wallet. And so it was, that I took over the job of reviewing the MadCatz F.P.S. Pro controller with great interest.

I know MadCatz has received a lot of flak over the years for making “cheap” controllers, but they have certainly upped their game with the recent Tournament Edition fighting sticks that have been globally praised for high quality. The same quality now filters down to this new controller that was co-developed between MadCatz and MLG, promising easy availability in all major retailers of a controller designed specifically for premiere competitive gaming.


While the F.P.S. Pro is available in three colors (Stealth Black, Army Green and SWAT Blue) I was quite happy with the green review unit. It reminded me a lot of the original Xbox that came out in a limited edition green see-through console back in 2004. Nostalgia aside, the F.P.S. Pro has a smooth rubberized feel on the entire surface area. On either side you’ll find proper rubber grips as well. The D-pad feels chunky, but I felt confident using it, unlike the D-pad on the official Xbox 360 controller. The Start and Back buttons are in the same position as the standard controller, with the Left and Right sticks having a nice click to them. The face buttons are completely flat, unlike the standard controller where the buttons are bulging out. The shoulder buttons felt similar to the standard controller in terms of pressure applied and how they click.


Now the underside of the F.P.S. Pro is where things get really interesting. There are two ‘Combat’ buttons which are easily accessed by your middle fingers at the bottom. People with smaller hands or longer fingers may have trouble accessing these buttons though, so try before you buy. Each of these two buttons can be selected to map the face buttons, the Left or Right stick presses or to change the LED colors.

The LED colors under the Left and Right stick can be switched to Green, Red or Yellow. While playing Deus Ex I obviously changed the color to yellow, keep in line with the visual themes of the game. The face buttons sadly don’t light up.

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