Kotobukiya’s Bushoujo Liara statues receives flake from fans

By on September 5, 2011

Too sexy for the character.

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After the success of Ms. Female Shepard beauty pageant, BioWare thought wise to once again use its Facebook fans to generate feedback on the upcoming Kotobukiya’s Bushoujo Liara statues. Boy, they must not have anticipated the response.

Of the 1,700 or so comments, a good majority of them has slammed the design for deviating too much from the actual character. The anime style facial expression, enlarged breasts and a super-model pose has not gone down well with the fans, with some even predicting low sales in Western countries. Our favorite was when the statue’s pose was compared to Marlin Monrue’s.

One user even posted a concept art of the actual statue-to-be, but it seems the designers took a little liberty while making the prototype product. BioWare has said that it will take fan feedback before finalizing the model design, so there is some hope left.

Check out the statue below:


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