Killzone 2 MP Controls

By on February 19, 2009

A look into the controller lag fiasco.

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A few days back, gaming forums around the world went on fire with angry gamers complaining about lag issues in the Killzone 2 Demo. Frankly though, we ourselves had that problem, thus saving us from the 1000′s of amateur videos on youtube demonstrating the delay. Based on our final retail copy, we can safely say that such an issue was only present in the demo for some godforsaken reason. The retail copy is smooth while still incorporating the "weighty" control scheme in the single-player campaign. The multiplayer though is much more "responsive" which should come as a happy surprise for COD4 aficionados. How did we test multiplayer you ask? Easy.. with final servers still unavailable, we fired up a round of ‘Skirmish’ and the difference in controls was very much apparent. Skirmish is the replica of the multiplayer component in Killzone 2 that allows you to play with bots rather than human opponents. Look forward to Killzone 2 on the 27th of February unless of course you live in the Middle East or buy it off eBay if you’re in North America.


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