More than the job, it’s hard to explain what I do

By on September 1, 2011

What part of ‘editor’ is not comprehensible?

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My reaction is

The only bad-side about Eid is that I get dragged on to meet relatives I have absolutely no idea who they are. I shake their hands, exchange fake pleasantries and then quietly sit in a corner, hoping no would bother me while I try completing a level on Spy Mouse on my iPhone 4.

I am not socially fantastic, I admit, but it is not the reason why I hope I don’t be bothered. The thing with these unknown relatives is that dreaded question they ask, always, without fail, for which I never can quite give a clear answer for, always, without fail.

This is an actual conversation I had just the other day.

“Mufaddal, what do you do, son?” asked a weighty relative of mine, filling the gapping silence after her and my parents ran out of topics to chatter about.

“I am an editor for an online website”, I said.

“Oh, you mean an IT administrator?”

Wait, what?

“Erm, no, like..I am an editor, you know? I write news, and…features”, I blabbered, immediately starting to lose confidence in what I did.


“Yeah….?” I wanted to leave. She didn’t know what ‘news’ was, for Rapture’s sake.

“News about what?”

“Well, about gaming” I said. Then seeing confusion overlapping her features, I simplified, “About video games, I mean. Also about technology.”

“Oh, like where to find games and where to download them from?”

No, mam, that’s piracy you are talking about.

“Well…sort of,” I dodged. “I also cover events and launches”, I said, for absolutely no reason.

“Eh? So you also do part time event management, also?”

I starred at her blankly. My mind had zoned out from the lack of intelligence in presence. Seeing my plight, my mom picked up another gossip topic from her hat and diverted my stupid relative from being at the receiving end of an almost-thought-of sarcastic comment.

Reading the ‘chat log’, I believe I have been crystal clear at describing my work. So what part of ‘editor’ is that is not comprehensible? Or is it the ‘gaming’ factor that they can’t wrap their heads around? I mean, why would they need an editor for Bingo and Monopoly, right?


Mufaddal Fakhruddin is the Editor for IGN ME and thinks writing in third person about himself in an about me section is weird.

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  • LoXatoR

    You are doing what you like and I like what you do,so no need to feel guilty if you the other person can’t understand what you do.

    • LoXatoR

      if the other*

  • Ahmed-innocent

    Your doing the best job .. i really like your hard work .. n it really helps me to select my game and news abt all the IT updates .. thanks to u bro .. NEVER QUIT … all best wishes to u .. :D

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