Dark Souls achievements revealed

By on September 1, 2011

Can you collect them all?

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Complete achievement list for upcoming From Software’s brutal RPG has been disclosed and are now up online for you to glance over.

Beating Dark Souls obviously won’t be such an easy task, of course, if it’s anything like its spiritual predecessor, Demon’s Souls. The game contains a total of 41 achievements, 15 of which are secret ones. Collecting them all (if you can) will grant you a 1000 GS.

Here’s the complete list of achievements you’ll be engrossed in exploring.

  • The Dark Soul – All achievements completed. Congratulations! (50)
  • Knight’s Honor – Acquire all rare weapons (25)
  • Wisdom of a Sage – Acquire all sorceries (25)
  • Bond of a Pyromancer – Acquire all pyromancies (25)
  • Prayer of a Maiden – Acquire all miracles (25)
  • Covenant: Way of White – Discover Way of White covenant (15)
  • Covenant: Gravelord Servant – Discover Gravelord Servant covenant (25)
  • Covenant: Chaos Servant – Discover Chaos Servant covenant (25)
  • Strongest Weapon – Acquire best weapon through standard reinforcement (15)
  • Crystal Weapon – Acquire best weapon through crystal reinforcement (15)
  • Lightning Weapon – Acquire best weapon through lightning reinforcement (15)
  • Raw Weapon – Acquire best weapon through raw reinforcement (15)
  • Magic Weapon – Acquire best weapon through magic reinforcement (15)
  • Enchanted Weapon – Acquire best weapon through enchanted reinforcement (15)
  • Divine Weapon – Acquire best weapon through divine reinforcement (15)
  • Fire Weapon – Acquire best weapon through fire reinforcement (15)
  • Chaos Weapon – Acquire best weapon through chaos reinforcement (15)
  • Enkindle – Light bonfire flame (15)
  • Estus Flask – Acquire Estus Flask (15)
  • Reach Lordran – Arrive in Lordran (15)
  • Ring the Bell (Undead Church) – Ring Bell of Awakening at Undead Church (15)
  • Ring the Bell (Quelaag’s Domain) – Ring Bell of Awakening in Quelaag’s domain (15)
  • Rite of Kindling – Acquire the Rite of Kindling (15)
  • Art of Abysswalking – Acquire the Art of Abysswalking (15)
  • Reach Anor Londo – Arrive in Anor Londo (25)
  • Lordvessel – Acquire the Lordvessel (25)


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  • Pallinaama

    those weapon arch/trophys are boring.. hope they dont involve soul tendensy

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