DmC’s Dante is “more of a street brawler,” says Ninja Theory

By on August 25, 2011

More info surfaces about the rebooted iconic character.

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Devil May Cry’s new developer Ninja Theory has made claims which perhaps could cause more fury among fans of the series, precisely fans of the silver haired half-demon protagonist we’ve been accustomed to since the series’ debut on PS2. I’m actually one of those disappointed persons about Capcom’s rather odd decision to give the franchise an unneeded reboot.

Anyway, Ninja Theory creative director, Tameem Antoniades, spoke with the PlayStation Blog, and stressed out that the new Dante will have a less refined demon-slaying combat style than previous entries, suggesting that DmC’s Dante grew up on the streets and thus he’s more of a “street brawler”.

“Growing up in a situation where the demons are out to kill him; society in general, controlled by the demons, is out to crush him; growing up on the streets… So, he’s more of a street brawler,” he said

“His moves are less refined than you would have seen in previous DMCs.”

Apparently being a young Dante won’t necessarily affect his badass boldness. “I wouldn’t say he’s green and naive, I’d just say he doesn’t give a f**k,” the developer noted.

For some reason, background music will play a role in the game’s combat mechanics. Antoniades says the better you play the more sounds you’ll perceive.

“The music responds to your ranking system, so the better you play, the more layers of music kick in, and if you get to the top ranks, then the screaming vocals kick in and it kind of affects you when you play, because you know you’re doing well.”

DmC is currently slated for a 2012 release on PS3 and Xbox 360.


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