Splinter Cell 3D Review

By on August 20, 2011

A remake that doesn’t do justice to the original.

Good: Solid implementation of the hub interface; an interesting Story mode with a diverse selection of locations and settings to experience.
Bad: Lackluster use of the 3D effect; Dark areas with bad lighting and texture is a no-no; Lack of any form of multiplayer or co-op modes.
Price: AED 165 (appox)
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First Impressions
My reaction is

The Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell series have been widely known for providing highly engaging and exciting stealth based 3rd person shooter experiences. Splinter Cell: Chaos theory which was originally released on Xbox, PS2, and Windows is the 3rd game in the franchise and is one of the most critically acclaimed games in the series. Splinter Cell 3D is a remake of Chaos Theory that tries to provide a few changes in order to fit the features and capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS. Sadly however, the game doesn’t do justice to Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory due to several glaring problems that hinder the same great experience people had with the original title from being ported over to the 3DS.

Splinter Cell 3D puts you in control of Sam Fischer (a member of the NSA’s Splinter Cell Program for the Third Echelon division) on a series of missions that are ultimately trailing the Masse Kernels. The Masse Kernels are weaponized algorithms that previously caused a huge threat to the United States security and are a dangerous weapon in the wrong hands. Throughout your missions your will be visiting several locations around East Asia including South Korea and Japan. Each mission has several objectives that need to be completed including secondary objectives included that are not required to be completed but give extra bonuses.

The gameplay of Splinter Cell 3D is your traditional stealth 3rd person shooter where you focus on not being caught and using the darkness to your advantage. You use an array of weapons both long ranged and short ranged, in addition to close combat to knockout or kill your enemies. All in all the gameplay in Splinter Cell 3D remains the same as it was in Chaos Theory with the exception of a few changes. First of all the entire hub is now located on the bottom screen of the 3DS. Hence you can now change weapons and issue commands directly by touching the specified Icon located on the bottom screen. I found the new hub interface to be a great addition that cleans up the main screen without having to go into a menu to change anything. The second change is that since the 3DS lacks a second pad to control the camera, you use the action buttons to do that and the slide pad to move the character. This interface always bugged me in portables since the camera can be really frustrating as it doesn’t show you what you want to see at certain times.

The developers did make use of the 3DS’s stereoscopic 3D capabilities but not as fully fledged as I was expecting. The only thing that really benefited from 3D were the Menus and the 3D notifications that come out on screen when the game is giving you hints or directions. The main reason as to why there is no proper implementation of the 3D effect in actual gameplay is due to low lighting and textures in the game combined with really dark settings that just don’t make the 3D work well or at all at some points.

Splinter Cell 3D tried to port over one of the most critically acclaimed stealth games of all time but did a lackluster job at doing so. Although the game has a solid 8-12 hours story mode there is nothing left to do after that. You are left with no multiplayer or Co-op which were both present in the original Chaos Theory. There is hence very little replay value unless you really love the Story and the setting of the game. In a nutshell Splinter Cell 3D is a remake the doesn’t do justice to the original title.


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