Epic “hard at work building on Unreal Engine 4″

By on August 17, 2011

Also confirms five new projects currently in development.

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Epic Game’s main focus currently is to finish its next generation build of Unreal Engine, with that being said, the studio confirmed that it’s working on five new projects – and no, Gears of War is not one of them.

President Mike Capps, the same guy who recently thrown heaps of praises towards Apple’s iPhones (and mobile industry in general), stated that the North Carolina-based team is currently assigned to work on five new games, including the next-gen iteration of the Unreal tech, which is due out sometime next year.

However, the Epic studio man says the company has once again set its sights toward the PC platform.

“The PC has for too long been a port-to platform,” Capps told Develop.

Capps didn’t get too much into the identity of planned titles, but we assume there’s a sequel to the popular mobile hit Infinity Blade – or how about bringing on the Samaritan demo and converting it into a fully-fledged game? Sounds epic eh?


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