LEGO Universe is now free-to-play

By on August 16, 2011

Brick-based MMO navigates into the popular model.

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Starting from now, the brick-based MMO will no longer be charging you to enter the digital world of LEGO Universe, as the game has crossed into the free-to-play trial stage.

The free offer of the massive multiplayer title grants access to a slice of the game, including a single property area to build your Lego models wherever you seek, two adventure zones, and the ability to get into thousands of player’s properties.

Here’s the full list of stuff you can expect from the free portion.

• Custom build one LEGO hero
• Interact with in-game friends
• Collect up to 10,000 coins
• Earn Universe Score to level up
• Play through The Venture Explorer
• Play through Avant Gardens
• Join the Nexus Force
• Sample Faction Gear
• Play the Survival mini-game
• Claim the Avant Gardens Block Yard Property
• Fight the Spider Queen
• Place LEGO models you have collected
• Build LEGO models of your own
• Bring LEGO models to life
• Visit thousands of other players’ Properties

Of course, there’s a paid offer as well. In order to upgrade, you have to shell out $10 per month, and thus unlock the whole thing, which allows access to five property worlds as well as 15 adventure zones.


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