2006 Fifa World Cup

By on April 15, 2006

Kick off with the World Cup!


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First Impressions
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2006 FIFA World Cup is a football game from EA Sports, which recreates the football World Cup, and does it very well. Football fans will be thrilled with this game’s gorgeous graphics, excellent sound, and the overall festival-like atmosphere it creates.

The main objective while playing 2006 FIFA World Cup is, obviously, to win the World Cup with the team or teams you have selected.

There are otherwise many types of matches in the game including penalty shootouts, exhibition matches, practice sessions, online play, and global challenges.

If you want to start playing the World Cup right off, the game gives you the option of starting from scratch i.e. the Qualifiers, in which the match fixtures are the same as the ones in the real World Cup, but can be modified to your likes, or you can skip the Qualifiers and start as any team in the finals. You can choose one of the 32 teams that qualified for the finals in Germany, or you can choose to play as one of the 125 teams all around the world.

2006 FIFA World Cup , like its predecessors, is more of an arcade-style game, with less depth

in gameplay than rival Pro Evolution Soccer has. It is quite basic, and is a pick-up-and-play game. There is very little need for training, except for fine-tuning your Free Kicks, and Corners. Don’t be surprised when you score 2 goals on your very first match, in normal difficulty. This is largely because the goalkeepers in the game are very easy to bypass, and is one of the few complaints players of the game will have. However, it is very satisfying to see your striker kick the ball to the top-right corner of the goal, from outside the penalty area. At the same time, when your goalkeeper fails to block a shot, and thus ends up giving up a goal, you will be definitely saying “WHAT! MY GRANNY COULD’VE STOPPED THAT!” After playing the game for sometime, you will begin to feel that this is more of an offensive-styled game, with less concentration needed for defense. There is a variety of formations to choose from, in 2006 FIFA World Cup™, so you are most likely to find more than formation suited for you. But mostly, by using a combination of lobs, crosses, through-balls and man-to-man offense, will you be able to win against tougher teams like England or France.

One unique element in this game is the Global Challenge mode. In this, you can play special, important matches which left a mark in the history of football, and try to complete the objectives presented to you.

There are a number of matches you can choose from, however, one flaw in this is that the players in your team and your opponent’s team are the ones playing now. It is quite disappointing to see Rooney as the England team striker, in a match way back in the ‘70’s.

The online play in 2006 FIFA World Cup™ isn’t great, to say the very least. It suffers from a lot of lag problems, and there aren’t many players in the Middle East playing this game, so if you want to play online, you have to play with people far away, which is one of the reasons for the lag. One more thing you would notice is the lobby system, which is old and has been used for a long time. An upgrade would have been nice, but sadly this has not been done. Many of you would find errors occurring while establishing a connection, which is extremely frustrating.

The controls used in 2006 FIFA World Cup™ are the same like FIFA 06, and can be modified completely to your likes.

The graphics in the game are the best you can find in any football game now. The players look very realistic, and the player animations are top-class. However, the game does lag a bit from time to time, and suffers from a few framerate problems. 2006 FIFA World Cup™ gains the upper edge in graphics, when compared to Pro Evolution Soccer.  The crowds and the stadiums look good. Lagging does occur in the game, though this is very inconsistent, and usually occurs when there are a lot of players on the screen at the same time.

The presentation throughout the game is simply superb. The menus are very well done, and

are more eye-catching than the ones in FIFA 06. It is very easy to navigate through the game, as the menus are very user-friendly. Before your matches in the World Cup mode, a table containing the fixtures of matches to be played, results of previous matches, and what the coaches had to say about that, is displayed. This is very useful, and also well presented. But the pre-match presentation is what will amaze you. The globe of the earth is first shown, and then the camera zooms into Germany, to the stadium in which your team is going to play. Then you will be greeted by the player line-up, with a shower of confetti, and the stadium booming with noise of collected cheering of the spectators.

All said and done, there is nothing better to see in sports games, other than 2006 FIFA World Cup running on high resolution with maxed out video settings.

However, the graphics in this game are great, only when compared to other sports games. Otherwise, you can say that these graphics are very good, but they do not stand out as one of the best aspects of the game.

The sound in 2006 FIFA World Cup is fantastic. The music tracks are catchy, and help in creating the festival-like atmosphere which is characteristic of football games. The crowds in the stadium sound great, and their booing and cheering adds a lot of fun to the match. But the star of the show is the commentary of the game. With anecdotes, and their clever remarks, the commentators have, once again, proved that they are just as entertaining as the previous FIFA games they have commented for.

All in all, 2006 FIFA World Cup is great game, and EA has done a commendable effort in developing it (well, except for the online play.)

The Scorecard
Good but not great, lacks depth, online play flawed.
Player animations are great, presentation is noteworthy.
Many new aspects like Global Excellent commentary, great sound overall.
Great replay value, best for quick-paced football matches.
Many new aspects like Global Challenge mode, make game different and better from predecessors.
Great football game, very enjoyable.


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